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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dump Trump

I am sitting on my sofa watching the Democratic Presidential Debate. I'm enthused by the energy that Bernie Sanders brings, and am happy to hear both he and Hillary Clinton call out the bullshit and incompetence that led to the Flint water crisis.

Though I'm feeling the Bern, I'll more than likely support whoever gets the Democratic nomination because Donald Trump (and/or Ted Cruz) must be prevented from becoming president.

Trump, in particular, is a complete abomination. The man is completely unfit to lead the United States. He feeds off the same fears, paranoia, and hatred that allowed Hitler to come to power. Am I saying Trump is or will become as evil as Hitler? Not necessarily, as Hitler set standards in pure evil that would be difficult for anyone to approach. I do not trust Trump, do not like Trump, and believe he is making a mockery of the presidential election process. He must be stopped. I don't think I'm saying anything that any reasonable person can't already figure out.