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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dispatch from Trump's America

I've not written about politics in here recently, mainly because something either terrible or crazy happens seemingly every day and it's impossible to keep up.

That's life in Trump's America, where every day there is either a) a new wrinkle to Russia's (possible/probable) interference in the election, b) a bizarre tweet from the Donald, c) a new bit of draconian policy that Trump wants to push through, d) a hate crime somewhere in the US, or e) other miscellaneous crazy shit.

Today we learn that Trump will be withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Accords. Suddenly, a guy who has no problem flying to his Florida resort every weekend on the American peoples' dime declares that he is withdrawing because he cares about the American taxpayer. Yep, it's just too darned expensive ensuring we have a livable planet.

I don't know if I find it more sad or amusing that in his announcement today, Trump acted like he cares about anyone besides himself and his cronies. And then there is the irony in backing out of the climate accords while insisting it's good for the American people.

This is the worst time imaginable for the United States to NOT take a leadership role in mitigating, if not stopping, climate change and cleaning up this planet.

Bottom line, we need to vote this bum out of office in 2020.

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